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Solar Energy

Providing Energy‑Saving Products Using a Holistic Approach


Rob Rottman


Tom Murphy

Renewable energy is on the verge of becoming the fastest growing industry in the United States. Innovations in technology and expanding demand have served to increase availability and lower costs, while government incentives have made the process of going solar easy for nearly every homeowner. Because of this, Tom and Rob began to see the advantages of solar energy. During their research, they discovered that converting to solar for many homes was not enough. Inefficient HVACS, lack of sufficient insulation, poor windows, and doors, were just a few of the problems that plagued homeowners causing energy savings to be wasted. Compounding the problem was that most solar companies were interested in selling solar but not addressing the other issues, leaving the homeowner to find the gaps on their own. It was from this gap in the process that Midwest Solar and Energy was born.

After researching dozens of solar companies and scoring each one based on experience, integrity, consistency, quality of products and labor, they created partnerships that would fill in those gaps enabling your solar savings to remain savings. Our approach analyzes the potential for savings from the rooftop to the foundation, and then we use our expertise to put a plan together called an “Energy Savings Report," provided free to the homeowner with NO obligation. The Energy Savings Report identifies where you can save on energy usage and includes a complete, engineered design of a custom solar energy system. We’ve partnered with some of the top companies in the Midwest to provide both residential as well as commercial clients with a wide range of services, all directed towards one goal, saving money on energy!